About Us

Since 1969, D&B Auto Body Inc. has provided motorists in the Worcester, MA area with comprehensive auto body and repair services. Including auto work, towing services, electrical labor, painting, mechanical inspection, brakes, A/C heating, tire repair, general maintenance & refinish work. Our staff and technicians offer comprehensive knowledge and have decades of auto repair experience.

D & B's professional and prompt handling of your claim will bring you comfort during those uncomfortable situations. Our experience will ensure your claim is handled smoothly, with the least amount of interruption to you and your family.

We will repair your car in a timely manner, thus lessening the burden of not having your own vehicle. We specialize in the repair of current model vehicles both foreign and domestic.


Here are some of the reasons why our customers continue to return to D&B auto body for all their vehicle needs:


  • We’re a family owned auto repair shop in Worcester MA
  • Fair Price. We always try to give you the best price that not compromise our quality work

  • Experience: Since 1969, D&B Auto body is the best option for you.

  • We are a 5 Star Business. We do our best to be a 5 star business.

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